West Texas Beautiful

Big sky, red dirt, unexpected mountains, then flatlands. Deer along the roadside and roadrunners across the highway. Lots of history and mystery. That is beautiful West Texas.





That’ll Be The Day the Music Died

Buddy Holly’s grave is still visited by many and his music considered a major contribution to rock and roll. At a time when that genre of music was just breaking out, Buddy Holley and the Crickets dared to be different. My cousin went to high school with him in Lubbock, Texas, and said Buddy was in the choir with him. “My friend and I were looking for two other guys for a quartet we wanted to startup,”he remembers. “We found the third, and as we were thinking about who to get for the fourth, one of the guys said, ‘whatever you do, don’t get Holly – he can’t carry a tune in a paper bag.'”

Buddy’s gravesite is a nice memorial to him, with nearly placed guitar picks, pennies and nickles, marbles and other colored glass, a poem in a clear plastic bag filled with rocks, a couple of golf balls, a tennis ball, and a rectangular-shaped wood block piece that I didn’t understand. But I don’t have to understand. To someone, to a lot if someones, Buddy WAS rock and roll in those early days, and he still is today. THAT is easy to understand.

Buddy Holly's gravesite

Buddy Holly’s gravesite in Lubbock, Texas

Everything’s coming up bluebonnets in Texas 


 The state flower of Texas blooms along highways and roads, in parks and fields, and sometimes just in the yard. Beautifully designed for our viewing pleasure, they look just as good up close as they do from a distance. It is a spring ritual for Texans to find a patch of bluebonnets and take pictures of their kids, grandkids or pets in the sea of blue and white. Bluebonnets…a true Texas favorite!

Arrival of the hawk

I put out bird food early this morning. It didn’t take long for Robins, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Finches to find it. They were eating, singing their songs, flying from fence wire to feeder to tree. I was enjoying watching from the window, coffee in hand. I had just decided to get my camera and get a few photos, when bird chaos ensued. The jays began screeching and all the birds flew off every which-way. Then I saw the reason for the mass exit. This beautiful Cooper’s Hawk had arrived. He swooped in, moved from branch to branch on the big tree, then took to the sky. Haven’t seen a bird since then. But I know they’ll be back.